Well-known for its beautiful landscapes, fresh air, friendly locals, and terraced fields, Sapa has become the preferred destination for many travelers across the country and around the world. A motorbike adventure is a wonderful way to explore this region.

The terrain in Sapa is mountainous; therefore, the roads and alleys of the highlands are pleasant to look at but not always easy to navigate. A motorbike will help tourists discover every corner. If you’re a nature lover, a motorbike will be your number one choice.

Moreover, Sapa is a place for laid-back outdoor activities, like camping or picnicking, so a motorbike will be a breeze for traveling for a memorable excursion. Plus, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery without any time or schedule limitations.

The Best Motorbike Routes in Sapa

col O Quy Ho sapa

O Quy Ho Pass – Ban Khoang Village – Ta Giang Phinh Village

O Quy Ho is one of the difficult and winding passes in Vietnam.

The O Quy Ho pass inspires many adventurous travelers. On this route, you will head to the northern part of Sapa to the village of O Quy Ho where you can stop at the viewpoint and admire the beautiful scenery of rice fields and mountains.

After O Quy Ho, you will arrive at Ban Khoang village, home to the Red Dzao and Hmong minority groups, you will meet friendly and very hospitable people who would love to invite you into their homes and serve homemade rice wine.

col O Quy Ho sapa 2

If you have a guide accompanying you, it’s the best chance to understand their daily life and local culture. Then further than Ban Khoang village is Ta Giang Phinh village which is an underestimated destination among travelers in Sapa. The village is hidden in the mountainous valley and surrounded by beautiful terraced rice fields.

During the rice harvest season, it’s a spectacular sight of golden rice fields and clear blue sky above, what an unforgettable memory. If you have more time here, spend the night and walk up to Ngu Chi Son mountain and admire the view from above, a mountain shaped like five fingers that is awe-inspiring.

Sapa – Y Ty Loop

Y Ty is a beautiful and charming village further north and is located on the border of Vietnam and China. At every time of the year, the village holds exceptional beauty compared to other places in Sapa as well as Vietnam.

village y ty sapa

Located at an altitude of more than 200m above sea level, with a privileged location, Y Ty is popular among travel photographers for its ‘sea of clouds’, golden terraced rice fields, and snowfalls in winter.

To get to the village, you will climb mountains, breathtaking passes, and cross the Den Sang forest, which creates a mystical atmosphere and a unique ambiance for this place. With this loop, you can finish the trip in one day; however, we strongly recommend doing it in 2 days, as well as a chance to spend a night in one of the few homestays will bring you more comfort.

village y ty sapa 1

There are two routes to conquer the Sapa – Y Ty loop. You can go through Lao Cai city on the 4D highway in a literal loop. Or you can take the DT158 route from Ban Vuoc to Ban Xeo before returning to Sapa on the DT155 route and the 4D highway. Both paths have the same length of 195 km and provide a spectacular image of the mountainous region of Sapa.

Sapa – Sin Ho Loop

boucle sapa sin ho en moto

Sapa – Sin Ho is a truly unique experience that really showcases the wonders of Northern Vietnam. While driving on this loop, you will cross some of the country’s highest peaks with the most panoramic views and the least densely populated areas.

If you want to explore local culture and get off the beaten path, this route is perfect for you. However, the route is a bit dangerous for some faint-hearted people as it’s on a high plateau, steep and winding.

village sapa minorite ethnique

From Sapa town, you will pass the Silver waterfall, cross the Tram Ton pass, go through a number of villages home to Thai and Dao minority groups and the picturesque town of Sin Ho, located at the top of a mountain.

Sa Pa – Ban Ho Village

On this route, you will descend Muong Hoa street towards Ta Van, Cau May or Ban Ho village – all clearly marked from the main road. Ban Ho is about 25 kilometers from Sapa town and a good place to aim for: the villagers are used to tourists and food and homestays can usually be arranged.

village ta van sapa

The route around the village runs along the side of the mountain with a stunning view of the valleys and mountains to the south, with truly breathtaking scenery of the terraced rice field climbing up the slopes.

Where to Rent a Motorbike in Sapa ?

There are many options for renting a motorbike in Sapa. It’s not hard to find a place in Sapa town; you can either rent a motorbike from small hostels or hotels, or at a motorbike rental store.

Motorbike rental places are increasing due to a large amount of visitors. It’s not difficult to rent a motorbike, but the price certainly differs from one place to another. We try to pick a few reputable ones to give you a bit of assistance in making your trip more perfect.

Sapa Hoc Ly

Located in the heart of Sapa, this motorbike rental store has strengthened customer trust and attracted more attention from a large number of domestic and foreign visitors because of its high quality and reasonable price.

There is a wide range from which you can choose, including Honda Air Blade, Wave, Honda RSX, Nouvo, and many others.

The price, affordable for all visitors, can fluctuate between 80,000 and 150,000 VND.

  • Address: No8, Hoang Lien, Sapa
  • Phone/Zalo number: 0915.190.874

Mr. Chin

Mr. Chinh is a professional car rental service provider in Sapa. This store has a huge parking lot at your disposal.

If you’re looking for a place to rent a motorbike at a very cheap price, this is the one. The price can exceed your wildest dreams for a whole day trip.

Moreover, if you rent a vehicle for long distances, you will receive many useful tips on the weather and terrain here.

  • Address: 44 Fansipan, Sapa
  • Phone number: 0988.628.515

Sapa Motorbike Rental Price

The motorbike rental market in Sapa town is increasingly targeted and developed. Therefore, stores offer fairly competitive rental rates with different prices. The price list of motorbike rentals according to customer reviews below will help you to have an overview and plan the cost of your upcoming schedule.

VéhiculesPrice per day
Honda Wave RSX100.000 vnd/per day
Honda Blade100.000 vnd/per day
Honda Wave S100.000 vnd/per day
Yamaha Nouvo LX, SX120.000 vnd/per day
Honda Air Blade130.000 vnd/per day

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