Scuba diving and snorkeling in Halong Bay are two ideal ways to explore the abundant marine life.

Tourists who come to Halong Bay always want to marvel at all its breathtaking landscapes and find their true selves by getting away from the hectic urban life.

Choosing a scuba diving or snorkeling experience in Halong will be the best idea. From there, you can discover a bunch of interesting things that have never been seen before. Imagine being surrounded by schools of colorful fish or seeing impressive coral reefs. The experience is amazing!

Best Time for Diving/Snorkeling in Halong Bay

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If you’re already interested in the activities, just book a tour, pack your bag, and have fun. But wait, before you start your journey, since the experience depends entirely on the weather, you’d better know the weather in Halong Bay and the best time for diving or snorkeling.

Usually, the answer is from May to September. This is because for several following reasons. First, during the summer in Halong, the temperature is high, which makes it too hot to enjoy activities like tourism, kayaking, etc. Instead, immersing yourself in cool water is great. You can also visit the charming coral reefs underwater. The sunlight will make them even more sparkling and captivating.

Besides summer, autumn is a good time for scuba diving and snorkeling. However, the natural light during this period is dimmer, which can make marine life less visible. As it’s the high season of Halong Bay, your enjoyment will be disrupted by cruises, boats, and other things to do in Halong Bay. Therefore, if you’re considering joining scuba diving and snorkeling in Halong, you should choose summer (from May to September).

Moreover, in choosing summer for scuba diving or snorkeling in Halong, you should also note that storms can come at any time. To avoid this, you can start your trip in May or September as these are respectively the beginning and the end of the season, hence fewer chances of storms.

Alternatively, if you book your tour in other months, try to check the weather forecast frequently and ask for more information from your travel agency.

Best Places for Diving in Halong Bay

The diving and snorkeling spots vary in Halong Bay as activities are now popular with tourists.

These places include Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay, and Cai Bau Island, to name a few. Among them, the following can be considered the best to refer to when you book a tour of Halong Bay.

1. Lan Ha Bay

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Although known as an extended part of the World Heritage, Lan Ha Bay is more of a pristine and untouched paradise where everything is in its primitive state and has not been heavily exploited for tourism, unlike the overcrowded Halong Bay. The bay is home to 400 limestone islets spread over 76 km2, and a great diversity of marine flora and fauna: about 98 species of plankton, 196 species of marine fish, and 177 species of corals.

Furthermore, Lan Ha Bay is adjacent to the Cat Ba archipelago which is a complex of Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba National Park, Monkey Island, etc., and also features an incredibly diverse marine life, especially the precious red coral. As the bay is much smaller than Halong Bay and contains many islands, Lan Ha can offer you a private space while enjoying your holidays as well as diving or snorkeling.

2. Cong Do Island

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Cong Do Island, located in Bai Tu Long Bay, is a small island of about 24 square kilometers. Like others, it is well known for its natural and virgin charm and the diversity of its flora and fauna. Here, there is an abundance of marine life in an underwater world like shrimp, crabs, squids, seaweed, algae, various fish, and underwater vegetation.

In addition, the island also houses a coral reef that is 7 kilometers long and 300 meters wide, making it a must-visit place for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. Furthermore, as a deserted area of Halong Bay, Cong Do Island has so far preserved its primitive beauty and will offer you a very different experience while enjoying your stay.

3. Vung Ha Island

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Vung Ha is a large island right in the center of Halong Bay. Like the two previously mentioned, the island itself is an unpopular place for tourism, thus offering pristine beauty and a tranquil atmosphere. During your stay here, you will have the opportunity to relax, immerse yourself in peace, and find yourself after days spent in the office.

Moreover, Vung Ha Island has a diverse marine life with many species of fish, crabs, squids, algae, and shrimp. The coral reef here is also vivid and colorful, making it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

As Vung Ha Island is located in the Halong Bay region, you can book a scuba diving and snorkeling service in Halong whenever youwish. In addition, the island is close to the Vung Vieng fishing village. Therefore, after a full or half day of diving or snorkeling, you can go see what local life is like. This will also be another unforgettable experience during your stay in Halong Bay.

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