There are numerous ways to transfer from Hanoi airport to the old quarter, the bus is really a good means of transportation for this transfer due to many advantages that others do not have. That’s why it’s a popular choice. In this article, let’s explore many useful pieces of information about the buses from Hanoi airport to Hanoi city center including prices and schedules to organize your trip.

There are 2 different types of buses to consider:

Public bus: Buses no. 07, 17, or 84 are operated by the Hanoi Bus company with a daily schedule connecting Hanoi to the airport and vice versa. The schedule of these buses is fixed if you know the schedule just as a pickup point at the right time.

Hanoi Airport Shuttle: it is actually operated by a private company with the airline to offer this bus, they do not have a fixed schedule and normally you have to wait for the bus to be full for the bus to operate.

About Noi Bai Airport

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Hanoi airport or Noi Bai International Airport is one of the four international airports in Vietnam and is the second largest, transferring millions of passengers each year. This airport plays an important role in tourism, not only for tourists arriving in Vietnam to explore but also for others who wish to visit many places around Hanoi.

At a distance of 30 kilometers from this airport, you can easily get to the old quarter of Hanoi thanks to different types of transport. The shuttle or the public bus are part of it.

Buses from Hanoi airport to Hanoi city center: prices and schedules

Thanks to the bus, tourists now have a good low-cost transfer means in their travels. In the case of the Hanoi airport shuttle to the old quarter, it’s very convenient and ideal for budget trips.

There are many buses that can help you get to your destination of choice in the old quarter of Hanoi. Bus no. 07, bus no. 17, and bus no. 86 are the typical buses.

Bus no.07: Cau Giay ⇄ Noi Bai International Airport

Operating hours: 5 am to 9 pm

Frequency: Every 50 min

Ticket price: 9,000 VND per person

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This bus is ideal due to the low price with a ticket at only 9,000 VND (about 0.50 €) per person. It starts at 5 am and has the last trip at 9 pm every day, and there is a bus every 50 minutes.

At Noi Bai International Airport, this bus stops at parking lot P2, terminal T1. You can take it to go to the old quarter of Hanoi.

Bus no.17: Long Bien ⇄ Noi Bai International Airport

Operating hours: 5 am to 8:30 pm

Frequency: Every 70 to 80 min

Ticket price: 7,000 VND per person

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Although bus no.17 has a shorter operating time until 8:30 pm, it remains a good choice for the route from Long Bien to Noi Bai International Airport. Its ticket price is 7,000 VND (about 0.30 €) per person, cheaper than that of bus no.07. You can take this bus at parking lot P3 of Noi Bai International Airport to go to the old quarter.

You can stop at Chuong Duong Bridge. It is one of the gateways to this attractive destination.

Bus no.86: Hanoi Railway Station ⇄ Noi Bai International Airport

Operating hours: 5 am to 10:15 pm

Frequency: Every 45 minutes

Ticket price: 35,000 VND per person

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Bus no. 86 is a high-quality bus specialized for tourists who want to explore the old quarter of Hanoi from Noi Bai International Airport. It takes you through many streets of the old quarter such as Hang Bai, Hang Voi, Hang Tre, Hang Muoi, etc. This bus is also very convenient for those who need to get to certain places around Hanoi.

You can take this bus at the domestic terminal T1 (Halls A, B, E – second floor of the departure station); international terminal T2 (Halls A1, A2 – 2nd floor of the departure station), or the parking lot of terminal T1.

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